Sarah Ferguson

Health and Demographics


The new hospital has been the focus of much attention and has overshadowed consideration of other aspects of the Health System.

All the plans put forward by Health are demanding in terms of the capital required to finance them and it is essential that a close watch is taken on this capital spending.  The FPP warn of trying to continue with large capital expenditure when in the pro-cyclical stage of the economy which can be inflationary. The combination of the new hospital and the mental health facilities at Overdale, whilst necessary, total some £500 Million.  This is an exceedingly large sum for a small Island.  It is necessary that we reconsider the affordability of this expenditure.

In addition the lack of transparency with regard to the site selection process has handicapped the hospital project and has antagonised many Islanders.

At the same time the attitude to the ageing population has concentrated on the “problem” aspect of the demographic and segregated the older generations so that they feel unwelcome in their own island.   It is essential that more is done to encourage the different generations to mix as well as encouraging genuine integration within the population.