Sarah Ferguson

States Spending & Medium Term Financial Plan (‘MTFP’)


The global outlook is uncertain and this is complicated by the uncertainties attached to Brexit. Combined with this are the uncertainties in the local economy following the reforms being developed for the Public Services.

I agree that no organisation can stand still and that States Departments must review their organisation structure and evaluate whether their administration systems are efficient.

However great care must be taken when reducing staff within any workplace. It is   irresponsible to declare people redundant when they are of an age where   finding another job will be difficult and where they contribute to the Corporate Memory. There is also a likelihood some may be   replaced by contracts with private sector companies who may be employing   staff at very low wages.

It is also essential that all departments fully consider the services   which they supply and decided whether they are essential, or simply nice to   have.

The MTFP forecasts a surplus of £332,000 in 2019 after depreciation. This   is an extremely narrow margin., The Fiscal Policy Panel have advised prudence and seeking out ways in which the same services can be delivered but with fewer resources.. The current policy of proposing additional contributions based on gross income   and calling them charges is somewhat cynical a tax is a tax no matter how you dress it up!