Sarah Ferguson

Population, Immigration and Housing


Islanders are all increasingly concerned at the level of immigration and the knock on effects it has on infrastructure.

No one can deny the benefits of individuals with fresh ideas and specialist skills being brought into the Island.

But uncontrolled immigration is extremely worrying. Finding the right balance will be a challenge. All sectors contribute to our economy, but in the coming years, we must make best use of the talent available on Island, whilst at the same time supporting the non-financial sector who wish to grow their business and need off-island recruitment.

A new Population Policy has been lodged for debate after the Election.  It is essential to make sure that the Policy will dovetail with the other policies for the Island.  For example, by 2035 at the current rate of immigration, as recommended in the Policy, we will require another 185 Le Marais high rise flats to accommodate the population as well as 6 new Primary schools.

All strategic policies are underpinned by the size of population for whom we have to plan and the population and migration policy is one of the most important policies which we must consider along with finance.