Sarah Ferguson

Dear Island Electors
I am standing for this election in response to the many of you who have contacted me directly to
encourage me to do so.
From the anxieties that many have expressed to me,and which I share, it is clear that the main concerns
are immigration, population, taxes and charges. I am very uneasy at the way the burden of taxation is
falling on ‘Middle Jersey’. The inequity of the current system affects us all. Over the past eighteen months
this inequity has come into sharper focus and if elected I will be pushing for a fairer system of
The time remaining in this session is short but it is still possible to make a difference through participation
in Scrutiny, questions in the Assembly and submission of propositions and amendments. Having already
served in the States I can effectively hit the ground running. This is essential as the ‘addition to the
Medium Term Finance Plan’ will be debated on 26th September and any amendments will need to be
lodged by 13th September.
To put the experience gained in my professional career and in my twelve years in the States at the
service of the Island is, I feel, more important now than ever before and regard this by-election as a
chance to initiate debate on the Ministerial system that is failing us all so badly.

I would, therefore, very much welcome your support on Polling Day