Sarah Ferguson

I am standing for this election in response to the many of you who have contacted me directly to encourage me to do so.

It is clear that the main anxieties, which I share, continue to be immigration, population, housing, taxes and charges together with the cost of living.

The cost of higher education has been a worry for many families and the cost of living is a particular worry for the older generation. The burden of taxation is also a particular concern for “Middle Jersey” since the weight of this is falling most heavily on this sector of the community.  What is more the ageing population are feeling overlooked and ignored.

There are a variety of ways in which I, as your representative, can try to make a difference – through scrutiny, asking questions in the assembly or submission of propositions and amendments. I can also work with you to redress injustices you have suffered in the system or by the administration. This election however is your chance to make your opinion heard, loudly and directly.

I would, therefore, very much welcome your support on Polling Day

Your vote is your voice – please use it.